Gradient Announces New Principals and Principal Scientists

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January 11, 2023

Gradient announces five employees promoted to Principal and Principal Scientist.

Lisa A. Bailey, Ph.D. is promoted to Principal:   Dr. Bailey has a practice in toxicology and human health risk assessment, including occupational exposures and risks.

Lindsey K. Borton, M.P.H. is promoted to Principal Scientist:  Ms. Borton has a practice in biological evaluation and toxicological risk assessment of medical devices.

David G. Dodge, M.S., DABT, CIH is promoted to Principal:  Mr. Dodge has a practice in industrial hygiene, toxicology, risk assessment, and historical state of knowledge.

Isaac Mohar, Ph.D., DABT is promoted to Principal Scientist:  Dr. Mohar has a practice in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and toxicology and risk assessment.

Jiaru Zhang, M.P.H., DABT is promoted to Principal Scientist:  Ms. Zhang has a practice in product stewardship, toxicology, and medical devices.

Here is wishing them the best in their new leadership roles.