Select Projects

Proposition 65 Surrogate Safe Harbor Limit (SHL) Derivation:  Developed surrogate Proposition 65 SHLs for a number of listed chemicals without official regulatory values.  SHLs were developed using a variety of techniques, including literature reviews, conversion of guideline values from other safety and health organizations, and benchmark dose modeling of primary toxicology studies.  The resulting SHLs were used by the client to determine whether or not products were in compliance with Proposition 65.

Talc Product Weight-of-Evidence Evaluation:  Conducted a weight-of-evidence causal evaluation and risk assessment for exposure cosmetic talc and any potential impurities in consumer products.  Synthesized data from animal, epidemiology, and mechanistic studies and determined whether the evidence supported a causal association between exposure to talc and mesothelioma, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Synthetic Turf Recycled Rubber Risk Assessment and Science Communication:  Prepared a multipathway human health risk assessment related to potential chemical exposures for athletes and spectators using synthetic turf fields.  The results of the assessment were used to prepare risk science communication pieces to present the results to interested stakeholders.

Asbestos-Containing Product Evaluation:  Conducted a weight-of-evidence causal evaluation and risk assessment for exposure to asbestos from an electrical product.  Evaluated the industrial hygiene, toxicological, and epidemiological data related to asbestos and determined whether or not potential health effects would be expected.

Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA) of Extractables and Leachables from a Permanent Implant:  Conducted TRA for compounds identified in extracts from a permanent impact.  In accordance with ISO 10993-17, ICH M7, and US FDA guidance, identified toxicological data for relevant endpoints and derived chemical- and device-specific safety margins.  For data-poor compounds, conducted weight-of-evidence analysis and applied read-across data where appropriate.

Selected Publications

Peterson, MK; Mohar, I; Lam, T; Cook, TJ; Lynch, HN; Engel, AM. 2019. “Critical review of the evidence for a causal association between exposure to asbestos and esophageal cancer.” Crit. Rev. Toxicol. 49:597-613.

Peterson, MK; Lemay, JC; Pacheco Shubin, S; Prueitt, RL. 2018. “Comprehensive multipathway risk assessment of chemicals associated with recycled (“crumb”) rubber in synthetic turf fields.” Environ. Res. 160:256-268.

Goodman, JE; Peterson, MK; Hixon, ML; Pacheco Shubin, S. 2017. “Derivation of an oral maximum allowable dose level for bisphenol A.” Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol. 86:312-318.

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Goodman, JE; Peterson, MK; Bailey, LA; Kerper, LE; Dodge, DG. 2014. “Electricians’ chrysotile asbestos exposure from electrical products and risks of mesothelioma and lung cancer.” Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol. 68:8-15.